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What is Ad Wars?

Ad Wars is a multi-genre adventure game that takes place on a post-adpocalyptic universe.

Wait, did you say multi-genre?

That's correct! Ad Wars is divided into 3 episodes, where each one of them is a completely different adventure with it's own type of gameplay. You'll find yourself jumping and shooting the mischievous yet endearing Gengens in Super Freemium Lands, taking on all sorts of monsters RPG-style in Clickbait Kingdom, and unearthing the mysteries of Download Highways, a screwball Maze Crawler section. Oh, and did we mention there's also bullet hell mania?

That sounds cool! What's the story behind it?

Fate dealt humanity a swift and merciless hand one day. In what came to be known as the Ad-Pocalypse, anti-ad forces fought relentlessly against Ad Corporations but were completely decimated. Now, overrun by ads, the world is far from what it used to be, and it's up to no other than Alt, the sole survivor of this cataclysm, to wage a last stand and free the world from the bane of ads once and for all.

Ad Wars is set on the internet, where portals and vortexes are commonplace. Be prepared, it won't take just a few data packets to end this quest; the virtual road ahead is not just perilous, but long. Alt, however, won't be alone; with the special guidance of the trusty and quirky Magna, whacky characters joining in, and, of course, your help, his chances couldn't be better!

Early Access Out Now!

New Update released! Changelog: https://aglitch.itch.io/adwars/devlog/221372/ad-wars-032-fix-1-changelog

Sites & More Info

Discord: https://discord.gg/qxAmdrg

Twitter: https://twitter.com/adwarsgame

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE371RpIvg_KrF4QaeHMJLQ

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/adwars_/


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Version 0.3.2

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Wow!  The graphics are beautiful.....  What engine did you use to make this game?


Thank you!! We made sure to use different types of graphics to mark the differences between genres. The game is made in Construct 2 :)


I really, really, really like this concept! I love anti-corporate social commentary in general, and I have very found memories of a lot of the mechanics and the retro style I've seen so far, I do find the controls a bit wonky however, personally I think for turning and shooting in the opening segment the mouse would be preferable to WASD and think WASD should move the character. I hate ads, I love this game!

Thank you!! For your kinds words and for playing it! I'm really glad you like it <3

Thanks also for your feedback about the controls. I was thinking on doing something similar to what you're describing, but I ended up using the more general approach to bullet hell controls (Arrow Keys + Left Keys). But yes! I'll take into account because it's a really great idea :)

If you have any more feedback in the future you can comment here, or feel free send me a DM on social media https://twitter.com/adwarsgame


Primero en comentar! me encantó el juego y me alegra haber sido uno de los primeros en probarlo! les dejo un video-review con lo que podran encontrarse en este juego, futuras actualizaciones estan por venir asi que esten atentos a este juegazo!

First to comment! I loved the game and I am glad I was one of the first to try it! I leave you a video-review with what you can find in this game, future updates are yet to come so stay tuned to this great game!


Thank you both for playing it and for the video!